benefit of ai bot calling

Technology over the years has become quite advanced and many corporations today prefer the latest means for improving the overall performance of the organization. Artificial intelligence (AI) is preferred by corporations because they know they with the help of artificial intelligence they can perform various tasks in a short time period. Although AI bots and other technologies provide a variety of benefits to organizations still AI technology have its own limitations and drawbacks which various corporations must keep in mind. Following are some of the major pros and cons of using AI bots in telemarketing vs. human beings:

Pros of human beings doing telemarketing

Better understanding of customer behavior

Human beings can understand customer behavior and market trends more effectively than AI bots because humans know how they think and what the things humans prefer the most. AI bots can be programmed to analyze human behavior but rapid changes in human behavior might not be analyzed effectively by the AI bots. Therefore human beings still have an edge over AI bots in analyzing emotions and overall human behavior.

Can become more creative

Human beings are more creative and can come up with a lot of creative ideas that than can implement in their telemarketing campaigns. AI bots cannot become creative like human beings because they might not be programmed to come up with innovative and unique ideas like human beings. AI bots doing telemarketing will be able to gather huge amounts of data but they cannot beat the creativity of human beings.

Adapt to change

Human beings can adapt to change quite quickly and can resolve complex problems. AI bots cannot adapt to change because they are not programmed to understand rapid changes. It means that if customer trends change or the behavior of the customers shifts then AI bots might be unable to provide accurate information. For collecting accurate information it is important that the AI bots understand customer needs and preferences accurately. Overall it can be said that there are limitations in artificial technology as well. However, in the future, these limitations might also be resolved by introducing advanced technology.

Pros of AI Bot doing telemarketing

Increase in productivity & and efficiency

Bots have the ability to interact with a huge number of customers and can collect huge amounts of data in a short time period. This means that the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization will increase by using AI bots. Ai bots do not get tired and their performance does not decline after working for hours. AI bots work with consistency and due to complete automation, the chances of errors in communication are also quite lower.

Performing tasks in less time period

AI bots can perform their tasks more quickly and efficiently than human beings. In a single day, AI bots can connect with more customers than human beings can. In addition, the data that AI bots will collect will contain quite less errors than human beings.

Data Analysis

Artificial intelligence technology will help telemarketers to analyze huge amounts of data in a short time period. With AI technology analyzing huge data is no longer a problem. AI technology highlights various trends and patterns that help the corporation to make various sales decisions effectively.

Cons of human beings doing telemarketing

Various errors can occur while collecting data on potential customers. Human beings can get tired after collecting huge amounts of data which means that the performance of the telesales team can decline after performing for hours. Human beings can adapt to change but cannot perform tasks as quickly as AI bots can perform.

Cons of AI bot doing telemarketing

Due to any technical fault, the AI bot might be unable to perform the desired tasks. Due to cyber-attacks various data privacy issues can arise. AI bots cannot use creativity in the telemarketing process. Overall there are various issues that can emerge if companies use AI bots.

Final Verdict

Technology in recent years has become important for organizations and if the organizations are not going to use technology then it will become difficult for them to sustain in the market. Therefore corporations must use the latest technology after consulting with technology experts.